Embracing unorthodox look with our pair of socks.









: a state of physical ease and freedom

from pain or constrain



: freedom from limits on thought

or behaviour

The power to speak, act and think as one wants might be the most desirable dream of youngsters like us. But without having a stance, a grip and a home to return to, one can never be truly liberated.


Imagine if you already have the power to express yourself, but don’t have the right to express it as you live in a society that restrains your freedom of expression or a situation forces you to adhere with socially constructed standards and norms. That is not the most ideal state of liberation.


But comfort could be made, could be build, could be created.

You are the one who can create your comfort.


To be different, you don’t have be the coolest kid in school, the prettiest girl in line, the strongest man in the field nor be the most peculiar geek. You just have to feel free to be you and be comfortable in yourself. To be comfortable is to embrace your true self.


These two words might contradict each other.

But we believe in the duality where one have to exist in order to complete the other.

Comfort = Liberation


High Quality Fiber


Comfy & Soft padding on the heel & toes

We believe that a good socks is a socks that you want to wear everyday, in your good times and bad times.

You know sure  that “smelly” is everybody’s biggest turn-off.

Your confidence could be seen from the way you walk and, vice versa, the way you walk could influence your confidence.

What is a friend?

A single soul dwelling in two bodies


You can’t be well-dressed and being cute everyday, some days are just better to watch TV and put on your faded t-shirts with a training pants. And when those days comes, our socks is your go-to socks.


Suppairs is made from 70% cotton & 20% nylon. We handpicked the best quality cotton for you to make your feet snuggle comfortably in each of our socks.


Look what people have said about our socks here.



A proverb says “A good personality could be smelled from miles away”. If good smell attracts people, bad smell could repel people. But worry no more, ‘smelly’ is not an inherited traits that you can’t change! You can CHOOSE to not being ‘smelly’.


All of our socks are anti-bacterial, so you won’t have to worry for a smelly feet even after you had a long stroll, a far journey, or even a marathon. As we said before, this is a socks that you wish you can wear everyday.


Some of us are granted with a natural high self-esteem that radiates brightly, while few others have to work harder to gain even for a tiny bit of self confidence. Thankfully, a study says that by consciously changing our body language can also change our behavior and gain more self confidence.


By adding a padding on the heel & toes, we want you to be as comfortable as possible so you walk lightly and be confident in your every steps.




Magazine :)

Our collections are made

from different influences



Let the kids in you take you to the world of wonders and

adventure you never know existed.

Don’t be afraid of being out of style cause you never will and never are.

This pair is a one lucky charm

to your look.


Black-and-white always looks modern.

Black-and white would guide you not to get near the fashion police.

It’s not just a statement, it’s a belief you gotta carve in your soul.


Let’s trick the pattern of normality. Do the jump, do the back flip,

 do whatever you like. Do everything that everyone would not notice as usual. The mayhem is all your command.

Carry on and make a scene!


Dream more to be alive. Play more to work on the challenge.

Dance more as if no one is watching. This is how we do to make it more

that what it already is.


No way would you leave the house with a bog standard feature in your body.

This one Lad fits everything including your black working boots.

Carry on and make a scene!

The meeting of Suppairs and you is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.



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