Who are you?

I am a street artist who paint wall every morning along with my bike.

What gives you the most pleasure?

Smelling the fume of fresh spray paints. The feeling I get after finishing my drawing illegally on the wall.

This may be the most typical question any interviewer gave you,but i have to ask again myself just to listen the answer myself.

Why do you cover your identity?

I can come out as Darbotz, and people would know Darbotz. I like hiding my face so I can come out as a normal human being, separated from my Darbotz personality.

I never had hard time passing my years as kids and adolescent. My school has went by smoothly, from elementary to high school. All was well. All was well, until I got rejected from an Art School that I desire the most. It was the biggest punch I had in my life, I feel like a flop. This is when I started to questioned myself “what were you doing? What are going to do now?”.

Then, I decided to have a gap year and embracing all of the free times I had to explore my drawing, design and all art related. It turned out that I found my courage to pursue my passion in drawing and made me sure that I want to create art that is unusual. I don’t want to follow the rules that said drawing have to be made on paper or canvas or anything boring. Since I was young, I already know that I want to creates art that’s is ‘off the track’.

What kind of person were you before you became your current self?



Do you think you are different than most people?

I think I can blend into most people. I don’t really consider the social status or strata, because I think everybody is equal. I can mingle with the ferocious kids on the street and at the same time, clicking wine glasses with art socialite in the gallery. But there’s always some kind of separateness. I don’t have any crew nor gang, I don’t like to fit myself into a group of people just to sanction my social strata. even though I can blend into most people, I always treasure the separateness because being alone feels better for me. And it is reflected in my artwork, with my alter ego as Darbotz. When I do my daily obligations and being a real person, I can’t be a total idealist. I have to tolerate and understanding other’s idealistic beside my own. And that is fine for me. But with Darbotz, it is my gate away from being a real person and could present a hundred percent of my idealistic into it. My idealistic of art is that it shouldn’t be dictated by anyone else.

You look like someone that is always true to himself, Darbotz. Was there something, anything, that has overpowered your ego & idealism?

My son.

By being a father, I realize that being idealistic can’t give me food. I’m being softer to my idealism right now. It (red: my idealism) was my top priority back then, but now, my priority is to feed and support my kid. But as I was saying, I don’t have problem with being less idealistic. Because I still paint in the street as ‘Darbotz’ to express my ego and idealism, so I can always be true to myself.

How to proudly embrace your quirkyness #101: advice from Darbotz

If you like to do something, do it. If you want to be quirk, be quirk. But do it with 200% of your effort. Don’t give half, don’t give a hundred, but give 200% effort. Because success speaks louder than words.